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It’s been a long hard slog but finally the website has arrived. I am hoping there are no typos etc and there is still bits and bobs to do but anyways it’s here!! Please give feedback, it would be much appreciated!!


Just when all was going well, my web designers PC has a virus and I was hoping to go live this afternoon with the website, I hope it will be tomorrow at the latest as it is in its final stages of completion now, I just have couple of things to do like upload some photos etc and then we will be sorted (with a bit of luck).

It’s been a busy couple of days with work in the salon and with cake orders plus trying to get the website up and running, but I managed to catch up with some girlfriends for lunch yesterday which was great and I have some fab things sky-plussed which I am going to catch up on tonight. I have just got back from a jog down the beach with the dog and the fresh air has knocked us both out so may have a cheeky nap before tea!

When I was working on my laptop in the dining room the other day I moved a pink blanket my Mum gave me for the cats off the table on to my fish tank and sunnie decided to get comfy on it, a very camp look I think, couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

Sunnie 'just chilling'

I didn’t post a blog yesterday as I was so busy. My goodness hasn’t it gone cold all of a sudden, there was ice on my car windscreen yesterday morning, I think the thermals will be coming out for my dog walking soon!

I spent most of the yesterday in front of the laptop trying to finish the Angels Cupcakes website and taking pictures in my make-shift studio for the gallery section. I also met up with a friend and discussed a press release for my up and coming bake sale for children in need (which takes place on Halloween). In the afternoon I met the web designer and finalised some of the stuff I can’t do via the website management suite. So we are going live with the site on Monday and I’m very excited!

Need to work on some halloween designs over the weekend as I’m sure it is going to creep up on me, plus I have some extra orders to do for customers parties on the same day so I’m going to work half-day in the salon on the Saturday before and bake, bake, bake all day and night!!

Finally treated myself to the fab ‘Eat Me’ book by Xanthe Milton, which has been on my Amazon wish list for some time now. It’s a beautifully designed book like a fairy story. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but will be testing out the banoffee cupcakes later on once I have stocked up on supplies! Im also on the look out for any decent gluten-free recipes for cupcakes so if anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail me at

So this is going to be a short blog this afternoon and I will add some photos of my cakes and hopefully a success story this evening!

Spent the whole day (apart from a rainy spell in the woods with the hound) in front of the laptop trying to sort out the text for the website, so time-consuming! I’m getting square eyes now but it’ll all be worth it in the end ( I hope). I took some more nice photos from yesterdays orders which can go on the website and I’m sure will look lovely. I have spent 10 minutes trying to get little Dexter to go out and have a wander in the garden and do anything that might need ‘doing’, but the pup doesn’t like to get his feet wet, he is very precious you know 🙂 I just took some photos of him standing on the patio looking at me in disgust that I even considered making him step on wet concrete!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So basically he stood there for a second or two, looked around, changed his mind & scampered on in again, tskk!

By the way,  I’m just catching up on my masterchef’s and I see the fantastic Free range liquid egg white was featured again last night, good show! click here to read about it and the link below for recipes etc

Where did my Monday go? I only had an extra hour in bed and it’s as if my whole day was stolen. I have managed to get my cupcake orders done but I have done next-to-nothing work on my website design. I was supposed to be forwarding lots of my content to the designer and basically I haven’t. I am having a strangely uninspired day, which just isn’t like me at all. That extra hour in bed was too much, it has ruined my inspiration. Sometimes you have to write off a day and wake up afresh on a new one, rather than trying squeeze some inspiration from somewhere. The website on the whole is looking good. Anyways tomorrow is a new day, I will wake up with lots of ideas for the website (I just know it) and the sun will be shining (I’m trying some positive thinking).

Even Dexter looks fed-up, he has been for his morning walk in the woods, has sampled my new chocolate cupcake recipe and is still looking longingly out the window, maybe he is uninspired too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well folks the Mexican night was a success, food was fab. My Mum’s chilli went down a treat as did my fresh guacamole & Dominika’ s fresh cherry tomato salsa. I forgot about the nacho’s under the grill but luckily managed to rid of the few burnt ones and sprinkle new ones and more cheese over, and nobody knew of my little burnt nacho secret 🙂 The fajita’s were also good, and the cocktails that followed (courtesy of my bro) were amazing. I am a new fan of Havana beach’s, Oh my goodness they are good!!

The carrot cakes for dessert were also a success, and the cocktails continued to flow all night whilst we watched 2 episodes of ‘an idiot abroad’ (I love Karl Pilkington) and then the X-Factor, which I also love but usually try to sky+ and watch later so I can forward through the videos of the contestants as 7-year-olds in their school plays etc, snore zzzzz! Matt or Rebecca to win by the way!

Anyways I’m not feeling too hung over today although I have woken up only being able to move my neck one-way. I hate that when I sleep funny! Today I intend to spend the day reading/researching recipes/chilling out/mastering chocolate Genache (any recommendations very, very welcome) & adding finishing touches to my website for going live this week, yay, yay & thrice yay! Have a good Sunday peeps x

P.S. My logo-designer who I did the cakes for yesterday sent me the following (edited text):

“…they (cupcakes) are gorgeous! Bloody De-lish Kim, carrot cake to die for! 🙂 Happy Scott”

So that was good news that they went down so well, it’s always good to get good feedback. No cupcakes to make today like I thought, tomorrow now is next baking-sesh for a Tuesday order!

Very Excited that the first draft of my website was sent to me last night & I am very happy! The guy who created my lovely logo has seen it this morning & also loves it, which is great because he is so good at his job. I am paying him in cupcakes for designing my logo (pics to follow later). I made a huge batch of carrot cupcakes last night & piped the white chocolate buttercream on them this morning. Also made some choc/nut cupcakes complete with choccy genache & lastly some very-lemony cupcakes, which are plain sponge drizzled with sugar-syrup whilst warm (to keep moist) and then decorated with very lemony buttercream and crunchy lemon pieces. I hope they are enjoyed by all (verdict to follow, eek!). More to do tomorrow night for Monday but I have loads of carrot ones over for Mexican night tonight. Not very mexican admittedly but they always go down very well!

Just going to take Dexter to the beach for a run now & then to Tesco’s for last few supplies for dinner party and then start cooking & preparing for tonight. The chilli-con-carne (which is very spicy & may need toning down today) was prepared last night so should have marinated nicely by later on! I’m quite excited now, I do love a good get-together which has been planned for absolutely no reason!!

Website defo up and running by next week & news about my charity bake-sale coming soon too (for children in need). Pictures of cakes to follow.


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