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Long-time no post!

We have had such a busy time at Angels Cupcakes lately and our larger, celebration cakes have really taken off! I have posted quite a few pictures on Facebook so do check them out!

First let me get you up to speed on what’s been happening since the last entry.

We have had 2 classes at our new venue; Claremont Farm, a full intensive learning day and a cupcake perfection class. The new venue is great because they have a professional kitchen which we can utilise and give more extensive demo’s etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow shows the ladies hard at work on the intensive class. I am always amazed at the beautiful creations they produce.  Our next class is on Sunday and following that we are having a ‘Midsummer nights Dream’ themed cupcake class for Halloween instead of the traditional pumpkins/witches type decorating- route!

Whilst we are on the subject of Halloween below (& in slide show above) is a picture of a Spooky Gothic castle cake that we made for a Gothic-themed 30th Birthday party recently! The cake was a surprise but apparently went down a treat!

'30th Birthday cake for a Gothic-themed party'

This cake was very popular on our Facebook site and occasion cakes generally, as I mentioned earlier, seem to be making a come-back! But we still love Cupcakes too,  our Christmas Cupcake workshop sold out in September but we are really looking forward to seeing the creations our students produce on the Halloween class first! I will keep you posted! Check out our other cakes on Facebook


I am thoroughly ashamed that it has been over a month since my last blog-post, okay, okay so I always say something similar…’we’ve been really busy’, ‘up the wall’, ‘no time to turn-around’….its all true I swear!! Okay so whats been happening I hear you ask, well, now you come to mention it, we have been up the wall! Since the last blog-post which was a summary of our Secret Garden cupcake workshop we have also held a full-day intensive course; ‘Flower Power’, which concentrated on (obvious maybe) ‘Flowers’ and forming beautiful flowers for adorning cupcakes!

It was a great class and there were some beautiful creations like this one (bottom) which is a fine example of ‘less is more’

 Occasionally students have a tendency to either over-load their cupcakes with decorations or run out of cupcakes and pile all the decorations they have made on to one cupcake!  But I think this is a great example of a simple but beautifully adorned cupcake made with florist paste and a silicone mould! (which are my new best friends).  Below are some other examples made by a student who, I am sure she wouldn’t mind me describing as a ‘tom-boy’, and whom produced some of the loveliest flowers I have seen for a while. I particularly like the pink one on the right hand-side!

So a successful day all round and I have since had lots of nice feedback from those who attended to say they really enjoyed their day! I am also glad to announce that we have a new venue for our courses, which will now be held at Claremont Farm on the Wirral in their professional kitchens! check out this link to their website for upcoming events and more details of our courses!

Anyways, there is more news but I have to go, but I will share with you news of our latest event at Port Sunlight Village Fayre very soon! Thanks for reading our blog!

The Angels x

For anyone who doesn’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook, just a quick post to show you one of our latest creations! The Ginger Cat Cake complete with cola flavoured whiskers and reflective collar!

We will give you an update soon regarding our latest news and our test kitchen findings from this week but for now I will leave you with Charlie! 🙂

I am so ashamed that it has been so long since my last blog, disgraceful! I can only say it’s kind of a good thing because I have just been so busy lately. Particularly busy with celebration cakes at the moment and wedding order enquiries! I also have a family wedding next year which I am helping to arrange so lots of very exciting stuff at the moment, well if you like weddings and cakes it is!

Below is a picture of a valentine theme cake. It’s a fairly simple design with embossing and a sheen. It is hard to notice the sheen on these pictures so I have given you a close up! The filling is buttercream and beautiful strawberry conserve!

Anyways lots to do today and a ‘boob’ cake to finish, will post pictures asap!

The last time I used this display teacup was at the Christmas Fayre in December, and then it was full of cakepops! Whilst going through all my display stock recently I foolishly left it on the kitchen table only to be claimed by my lovely cat Sunnie!

Sunnie in a teacup!

He does have a habit of finding cute places to sleep, he even tried to curl up in this and go to sleep but he eventually gave up.

Sunnie curling up in a teacup

Luckily I only use this display item for wrapped goods and will definitely be giving it a good clean before I do! Pretty sure nobody wants cat hairs in our lovely baked goods!

Happy New Year all!

Ok, so It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front but I assure you it’s due to illness and not laziness. The dreaded lurgy got a hold of me over the Xmas period and wiped me out. It’s as if the flu waited for me to finish the last of the years cake orders and then took a hold! In fact I was feeling pretty rough a few days before Xmas so the last orders on Xmas eve took their toll on me along with the heat from the ovens in the kitchen! But hey-ho, I am on the mend flu is all but gone, only a lingering pesky cough remains! I have a lot to thank night nurse for!

The orders have been coming in steadily for the new year, which is good. Lots of enquiries and a few deposits already paid for large orders this month. The Christmas cakes went down well particularly the carrot cakes with Xmas decorations!

Triple chocolate cupcakes were also popular over Xmas…

…and triple chocolate in giant form!!


The client was very happy with this triple chocolate cupcake, complete with mini smaties decoration, for her sons 21st birthday on Christmas Day!

Other news: I have just ordered a nice big 7-tiered cupcake stand from Wedding Acrylics in Cardiff to prepare for a few big orders coming up plus a photo shoot in a local magazine for their Valentines edition! All very exciting…keep you posted!

If you are looking for cupcake stands incidentally, you should definitely check out Wedding Acrylics website, their range is fantastic

It’ s been longer than it should have been since my last blog post! My only excuse is Christmas madness! Since the Christmas Fayre we have been very busy with all things cake and cupcakes, and like everyone else with general Christmas stuff!

I’m really looking forward to creating some fab festive dishes this Christmas. The December GoodFood magazine had some great ideas in it for the season and the Tesco Real Food magazine has some fab ideas for canapes which I’m thinking of doing for Boxing Day. One of them is mini puff pastry tarts with manchego, chorizo and peppadew peppers, they look delish & combine some of my favourite mediterranean flavours. Also tempting are the crispy pitta triangles with houmous, chillies and feta, plus Thai ginger-cured prawns with mango, fab, can’t wait!

With regards to cupcakes, I have a few orders for this week so I will multiply the amounts and hopefully have some carrot cake cupcakes and triple chocolate ones left for Xmas day! I also have a giant triple chocolate cupcake to do for a customer for Xmas day for her son’s birthday, which she is collecting on Xmas eve, so after that I have a few days off work to relax and enjoy the festivities.

If I get time I will let you know which canapes went down the best and then publish them in the new year but if in the mean time you are interested try to get a copy of the Tesco Real Food magazine (it’s free) or take a look on their website as they may have them there!

Well this is my last blog post before Xmas so all I have left to say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!


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