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Vanishing Monday

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Where did my Monday go? I only had an extra hour in bed and it’s as if my whole day was stolen. I have managed to get my cupcake orders done but I have done next-to-nothing work on my website design. I was supposed to be forwarding lots of my content to the designer and basically I haven’t. I am having a strangely uninspired day, which just isn’t like me at all. That extra hour in bed was too much, it has ruined my inspiration. Sometimes you have to write off a day and wake up afresh on a new one, rather than trying squeeze some inspiration from somewhere. The website on the whole is looking good. Anyways tomorrow is a new day, I will wake up with lots of ideas for the website (I just know it) and the sun will be shining (I’m trying some positive thinking).

Even Dexter looks fed-up, he has been for his morning walk in the woods, has sampled my new chocolate cupcake recipe and is still looking longingly out the window, maybe he is uninspired too!

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