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Hi all,

I have to firstly apologize for being so quiet for so long, I feel bad! let me say though that I have had a bit of a nightmare. We have been really busy (with one thing & another) here at Angels Cupcakes HQ, admittedly that is the good bit! But then we had an enquiry for a large order and unbeknown to the people who made the enquiry their whole address book was intercepted and they sent virus’s to everyone! Needless to say this was a nightmare for us because one thing led to another and we ended up having to order new hard drives, another back-up system etc. and some of the files were corrupt and irretrievable. So since our main system has been down we have been unable to access alot of our day-to-day information, passwords etc including coming on here to update our blog.

In the long run this has been good for us because firstly It has made us more vigilant about opening attachments from e-mails (even if we know the sender) and I would always recommend not opening an attachment unless you know you are being sent one and making sure (obviously) that your spam-ware/security is well up-to-date! And secondly because we have updated our operating system and programmes we now have a really efficient system which works much quicker, helping us to do stuff quicker and more efficiently. Happy days (now).

Anyways update & lecture over, but seriously if you do have important stuff on your hard-drive please BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP!

So, since we last got together we ran the study to see which products work best when baking sponge: we are not going to publish a research document which has been peer reviewed or anything and the study certainly was not stringent in all conditions but on the whole the outcome was this…..You get what you pay for! We found Lurpak butter worked better and tasted nicer both in the sponge and the buttercream that we made, compared to the cheaper versions. McDougals flour came out on top in the sponge stakes too! We are not endorsing (or being paid) to share these results by the way, but as professional cake-makers we wanted to make sure that we are giving our customers the best quality products by testing cheap versus expensive ones to see if it really does make a difference. We did find that when it came to sugar- there really was no difference but flour and butter were the most important factors when it comes to lighter sponger and more tasty results!

On the whole for lighter sponge cakes/cupcakes I would highly recommend McDougals flour, Lurpak butter, for both sponge and buttercream, and any sugar that you like, although we tend to use Tate & Lyle fairtrade icing and caster sugar. We did find that Aldi butter was also very nice and produced a lovely ivory coloured buttercream, but for lighter buttercream stick to Lurpak. We ALWAYS use free-range lion branded eggs, and we didn’t test eggs because we wouldn’t buy eggs that were from caged hens even for our study.

Anyway we hope this has been of some use to you all, we have found it really useful and will continue to use the best products we can find in our cakes. If you have any tips for bakers or any products you cannot live without please reply to this blog or join us on Twitter and let us know! Thanks for reading and we will post some lovely photos very soon!



What a busy week it has been, lots of cakepops to do and Christmas orders have been streaming in too! My Christmas Eve deadline is looking more and more daunting by the minute, but we like a challenge and always thrive under pressure!

Today we are getting our mince pies and scone recipes perfected ready for the food festival next weekend, which I am really looking forward to, It promises to be VERY festive! see the link below for the exhibitors list if you live in the North West and fancy a festive day out next weekend!

Also this week we have been making our new delicious Christmas Cupcake ‘flavours of the month’: Strawberry, cream and Champagne Cupcakes, and Cookies and cream with mini-oreo decoration! See our website for more details

Anyway it’s back to the grindstone to get more stuff done, hopefully we will have lots of photos of the Food Fayre to post on here next week and don’t forget if you are in the area call in and see us and say hi! Don’t worry we are in a heated marquee so even if the weather is bad it will be worth braving it! chow for now! (by the way in case you think I’m thick, I know it’s ciao, but I like the food connotation of my spelling!) 🙂

Well winter is definitely making an appearence and the Christmas cupcake orders are rolling in. I have a couple of orders this week for my two favourite flavours: Sticky toffee pudding cupcakes and Malteser crunch cupcakes which have a mallow topping and taste divine.

I made a large lemon meringue pie yesterday for my Mums birthday, it didn’t last long, which I suppose is a good thing really. Mum and I went shopping in the afternoon and had lunch and then a nice tea, which was an indian take-away, followed by the refreshing lemon meringue pie, it was a lovely day of eating overall! These things are important.

Anyway I have lots of paperwork and boring stuff to do but no cupcakes today, although I spent most of last night making sugar decorations for forthcoming orders. So no cake photographs to share but I do have some lovely pictures of my dexter at the beach this morning!

Ooh its been a busy couple of weeks. I have been happily baking toffee apple cupcakes which are delicious and very moreish and collecting ideas for an up-and-coming Twilight themed cupcake order. I have all the ingredients and I am poised and ready to make cupcake werewolves this weekend. The ‘Hello Cupcake’ book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson is perfect for ideas if you need to create any unusual cupcakes as they have it all covered!!

I have a couple of wedding orders for next year that I have to plan for also (best to prepare early for these events) as Xmas will soon be upon us and then it WILL be ‘next year’ before we know it. I also have lots of birthday orders for November and December, which are mostly creative designs so I am in my element. I discovered that using the Betty Crocker ready-made buttercream is perfect for practicing with when trying new creations. It saves so much time and although I would always make my own buttercream for orders, there are always plenty of takers for free cupcakes with loads of chocolate goo on top!

I have been busy practising my rose designs with buttercream. I love the two-tone effect as they look so pretty. Below is a mixed box I made for a friend’s birthday this week.

The two-tone effect is created by working a second colour of buttercream up the sides of the piping back before adding the other colour. see below:

It’s been such a busy few days I have hardly had a blogging minute. The charity bake-sale took place on Sunday, it was an early start but the sun was shining (which is always a good thing as more people tend to come out). The extra hour in bed (due to daylight saving) went down a treat as we had been baking and decorating cakes literally all day on the Saturday!

I concentrated on baking the cupcakes whilst my mum and auntie baked the big cakes. So we had a massive gorgeous coconut sponge cake, a victoria sponge, 2 large carrot cakes and 3 banana loaves and plenty of scones. All of our large cakes (which we sliced up) had been sold before 11.30, and we were quickly replenishing stocks!

By the end of the sale we only had a couple of dozen cupcakes left out of about 180 and our table was looking very bare so as we were all shattered we packed up and left very happy indeed!

The following day I boxed up the remaining cupcakes and went to a local business who kindly purchased our remaining cakes and with only one remaining cupcake left (which I ate on the way home) I was a very happy Angel 🙂

The bake-sale was a huge success and we made £150 for Children In Need and had lots of enquiries about my cupcakes and I gave out lots of details and business cards!

It’s been a long hard slog but finally the website has arrived. I am hoping there are no typos etc and there is still bits and bobs to do but anyways it’s here!! Please give feedback, it would be much appreciated!!


Just when all was going well, my web designers PC has a virus and I was hoping to go live this afternoon with the website, I hope it will be tomorrow at the latest as it is in its final stages of completion now, I just have couple of things to do like upload some photos etc and then we will be sorted (with a bit of luck).

It’s been a busy couple of days with work in the salon and with cake orders plus trying to get the website up and running, but I managed to catch up with some girlfriends for lunch yesterday which was great and I have some fab things sky-plussed which I am going to catch up on tonight. I have just got back from a jog down the beach with the dog and the fresh air has knocked us both out so may have a cheeky nap before tea!

When I was working on my laptop in the dining room the other day I moved a pink blanket my Mum gave me for the cats off the table on to my fish tank and sunnie decided to get comfy on it, a very camp look I think, couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

Sunnie 'just chilling'


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