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It’ s been longer than it should have been since my last blog post! My only excuse is Christmas madness! Since the Christmas Fayre we have been very busy with all things cake and cupcakes, and like everyone else with general Christmas stuff!

I’m really looking forward to creating some fab festive dishes this Christmas. The December GoodFood magazine had some great ideas in it for the season and the Tesco Real Food magazine has some fab ideas for canapes which I’m thinking of doing for Boxing Day. One of them is mini puff pastry tarts with manchego, chorizo and peppadew peppers, they look delish & combine some of my favourite mediterranean flavours. Also tempting are the crispy pitta triangles with houmous, chillies and feta, plus Thai ginger-cured prawns with mango, fab, can’t wait!

With regards to cupcakes, I have a few orders for this week so I will multiply the amounts and hopefully have some carrot cake cupcakes and triple chocolate ones left for Xmas day! I also have a giant triple chocolate cupcake to do for a customer for Xmas day for her son’s birthday, which she is collecting on Xmas eve, so after that I have a few days off work to relax and enjoy the festivities.

If I get time I will let you know which canapes went down the best and then publish them in the new year but if in the mean time you are interested try to get a copy of the Tesco Real Food magazine (it’s free) or take a look on their website as they may have them there!

Well this is my last blog post before Xmas so all I have left to say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!


I didn’t post a blog yesterday as I was so busy. My goodness hasn’t it gone cold all of a sudden, there was ice on my car windscreen yesterday morning, I think the thermals will be coming out for my dog walking soon!

I spent most of the yesterday in front of the laptop trying to finish the Angels Cupcakes website and taking pictures in my make-shift studio for the gallery section. I also met up with a friend and discussed a press release for my up and coming bake sale for children in need (which takes place on Halloween). In the afternoon I met the web designer and finalised some of the stuff I can’t do via the website management suite. So we are going live with the site on Monday and I’m very excited!

Need to work on some halloween designs over the weekend as I’m sure it is going to creep up on me, plus I have some extra orders to do for customers parties on the same day so I’m going to work half-day in the salon on the Saturday before and bake, bake, bake all day and night!!

Finally treated myself to the fab ‘Eat Me’ book by Xanthe Milton, which has been on my Amazon wish list for some time now. It’s a beautifully designed book like a fairy story. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but will be testing out the banoffee cupcakes later on once I have stocked up on supplies! Im also on the look out for any decent gluten-free recipes for cupcakes so if anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail me at

So this is going to be a short blog this afternoon and I will add some photos of my cakes and hopefully a success story this evening!


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