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Toffee apple cupcakes and roses in buttercream

Posted on: November 6, 2010

Ooh its been a busy couple of weeks. I have been happily baking toffee apple cupcakes which are delicious and very moreish and collecting ideas for an up-and-coming Twilight themed cupcake order. I have all the ingredients and I am poised and ready to make cupcake werewolves this weekend. The ‘Hello Cupcake’ book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson is perfect for ideas if you need to create any unusual cupcakes as they have it all covered!!

I have a couple of wedding orders for next year that I have to plan for also (best to prepare early for these events) as Xmas will soon be upon us and then it WILL be ‘next year’ before we know it. I also have lots of birthday orders for November and December, which are mostly creative designs so I am in my element. I discovered that using the Betty Crocker ready-made buttercream is perfect for practicing with when trying new creations. It saves so much time and although I would always make my own buttercream for orders, there are always plenty of takers for free cupcakes with loads of chocolate goo on top!

I have been busy practising my rose designs with buttercream. I love the two-tone effect as they look so pretty. Below is a mixed box I made for a friend’s birthday this week.

The two-tone effect is created by working a second colour of buttercream up the sides of the piping back before adding the other colour. see below:


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