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For anyone who doesn’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook, just a quick post to show you one of our latest creations! The Ginger Cat Cake complete with cola flavoured whiskers and reflective collar!

We will give you an update soon regarding our latest news and our test kitchen findings from this week but for now I will leave you with Charlie! 🙂


The last time I used this display teacup was at the Christmas Fayre in December, and then it was full of cakepops! Whilst going through all my display stock recently I foolishly left it on the kitchen table only to be claimed by my lovely cat Sunnie!

Sunnie in a teacup!

He does have a habit of finding cute places to sleep, he even tried to curl up in this and go to sleep but he eventually gave up.

Sunnie curling up in a teacup

Luckily I only use this display item for wrapped goods and will definitely be giving it a good clean before I do! Pretty sure nobody wants cat hairs in our lovely baked goods!

Long time no-blog, well four days, but that’s a while for me! It’s been a busy few days: meetings, orders, work, birthdays etc. Next week I have loads to do too, I will be trying out cakepops for the first time plus I have a couple of other things up my sleeve!

Hopefully I will have some good news about some up-and-coming events and orders! (*fingers crossed*) but for now I must concentrate on the new products that we are introducing  and our December ‘cupcake of the month’ reveal for Christmas, which is going to be something very special!

Our ‘Cupcake of the month’ are usually very different in one way or another from our standard cupcakes but we always keep the price the same as our standard cupcakes, so they are really good value for money.  Plus the Christmas Special promises to be just that! Anyway enough for now, watch this space or the website for more info!

Below is a couple of cupcake pictures from our weekend orders and also one of my beautiful rescue cat Sunnie (or Sunnie cat, as he is affectionately known in our house), who just loves his comfort!


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