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It’s been such a busy few days I have hardly had a blogging minute. The charity bake-sale took place on Sunday, it was an early start but the sun was shining (which is always a good thing as more people tend to come out). The extra hour in bed (due to daylight saving) went down a treat as we had been baking and decorating cakes literally all day on the Saturday!

I concentrated on baking the cupcakes whilst my mum and auntie baked the big cakes. So we had a massive gorgeous coconut sponge cake, a victoria sponge, 2 large carrot cakes and 3 banana loaves and plenty of scones. All of our large cakes (which we sliced up) had been sold before 11.30, and we were quickly replenishing stocks!

By the end of the sale we only had a couple of dozen cupcakes left out of about 180 and our table was looking very bare so as we were all shattered we packed up and left very happy indeed!

The following day I boxed up the remaining cupcakes and went to a local business who kindly purchased our remaining cakes and with only one remaining cupcake left (which I ate on the way home) I was a very happy Angel 🙂

The bake-sale was a huge success and we made £150 for Children In Need and had lots of enquiries about my cupcakes and I gave out lots of details and business cards!


The days seem to be flying by at the moment and the nights are surely drawing in. I am very excited for tomorrows Children In Need bake-sale. I am happily preparing sugar craft witches and pumpkins and ghosts ready to adorn lovely cupcakes. the oven is on and the 100th cupcake is baking!

It is hard to judge how many people will turn up to a craft fair or bake sale so I am hoping we will get it right and won’t be left with too many cupcakes and cakes on our hands. I will also be hoping the rain stays off because this always keeps people in doors, AND WE HAVE CAKES TO SELL!!

I went to a local bargain centre yesterday to get some bits and bobs and I was chuffed they had a display of cake decorating goodies so I replenished my stocks, not that they needed it- I clearly have a hundreds & thousands addiction and may soon have to attend HA.T.A.  – a group for cake decorating junkies 🙂 I also picked up some nice shape cutters from TK Maxx which is great for that kind of thing because they all come over from America. We are mere novices in this country when it comes to cupcake making and the U.S clearly have some amazing stuff.

Bits and Bobs for cupcake heaven!

I also bought Dexter a new toy which we have named ‘spiky’, it is basically a spiky kind of rubber shape which cost £1 from the bargain store and is possibly THE best present he has ever received. So a good day all round, must be off have to make some black star shapes!! Adios amigos!

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I’m afraid I have been very lacking on the blogging front, been so busy with work and trying to sort out ‘Angels Cupcakes’ website, which incidentally should be going live (all being well) on Monday afternoon!

Tried a new recipe out of the ‘Eat Me’ book by Xanthe Milton but wasn’t a big hit in our house so that won’t be going on ‘Angels’ menu- my family are definitely my best critics!

I am also preparing for my Children In Need bake-sale which takes place a week tomorrow at Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight, Wirral. I will be selling our favourite cupcakes with a halloween twist and hopefully raising lots of money for the charity!

Anyway X-Factor starting soon so more about that next week! have a nice weekend!


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