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Hi all,

I have to firstly apologize for being so quiet for so long, I feel bad! let me say though that I have had a bit of a nightmare. We have been really busy (with one thing & another) here at Angels Cupcakes HQ, admittedly that is the good bit! But then we had an enquiry for a large order and unbeknown to the people who made the enquiry their whole address book was intercepted and they sent virus’s to everyone! Needless to say this was a nightmare for us because one thing led to another and we ended up having to order new hard drives, another back-up system etc. and some of the files were corrupt and irretrievable. So since our main system has been down we have been unable to access alot of our day-to-day information, passwords etc including coming on here to update our blog.

In the long run this has been good for us because firstly It has made us more vigilant about opening attachments from e-mails (even if we know the sender) and I would always recommend not opening an attachment unless you know you are being sent one and making sure (obviously) that your spam-ware/security is well up-to-date! And secondly because we have updated our operating system and programmes we now have a really efficient system which works much quicker, helping us to do stuff quicker and more efficiently. Happy days (now).

Anyways update & lecture over, but seriously if you do have important stuff on your hard-drive please BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP!

So, since we last got together we ran the study to see which products work best when baking sponge: we are not going to publish a research document which has been peer reviewed or anything and the study certainly was not stringent in all conditions but on the whole the outcome was this…..You get what you pay for! We found Lurpak butter worked better and tasted nicer both in the sponge and the buttercream that we made, compared to the cheaper versions. McDougals flour came out on top in the sponge stakes too! We are not endorsing (or being paid) to share these results by the way, but as professional cake-makers we wanted to make sure that we are giving our customers the best quality products by testing cheap versus expensive ones to see if it really does make a difference. We did find that when it came to sugar- there really was no difference but flour and butter were the most important factors when it comes to lighter sponger and more tasty results!

On the whole for lighter sponge cakes/cupcakes I would highly recommend McDougals flour, Lurpak butter, for both sponge and buttercream, and any sugar that you like, although we tend to use Tate & Lyle fairtrade icing and caster sugar. We did find that Aldi butter was also very nice and produced a lovely ivory coloured buttercream, but for lighter buttercream stick to Lurpak. We ALWAYS use free-range lion branded eggs, and we didn’t test eggs because we wouldn’t buy eggs that were from caged hens even for our study.

Anyway we hope this has been of some use to you all, we have found it really useful and will continue to use the best products we can find in our cakes. If you have any tips for bakers or any products you cannot live without please reply to this blog or join us on Twitter and let us know! Thanks for reading and we will post some lovely photos very soon!


The last time I used this display teacup was at the Christmas Fayre in December, and then it was full of cakepops! Whilst going through all my display stock recently I foolishly left it on the kitchen table only to be claimed by my lovely cat Sunnie!

Sunnie in a teacup!

He does have a habit of finding cute places to sleep, he even tried to curl up in this and go to sleep but he eventually gave up.

Sunnie curling up in a teacup

Luckily I only use this display item for wrapped goods and will definitely be giving it a good clean before I do! Pretty sure nobody wants cat hairs in our lovely baked goods!

We have been busy the last couple of months with both enquiries and orders and we’re hoping that February will follow suit! In fact for Valentines weekend we have a very special offer; a gift box of 6 cupcakes in 3 of our most popular flavours: Vanilla, Triple Chocolate and very lemony. Each box of cakes will be decorated with either pink or red valentines themed decorations including the personalised initial of your loved one. Each box also includes a matching bow in either pink or red, all this for only £10. For more information see the website Why give flowers when you can give the gift of cakes!

Last week we made some very nice personalised cupcakes for a 40th birthday, which also included the initial of the birthday lady, a nice bright pink letter ‘M’. The customers husband was kind enough to send me a picture of the cakes on one of our hired glass stands!

So if you are local to the Wirral and would like to give the gift of cupcakes this Valentines day drop us a line!

It’ s been longer than it should have been since my last blog post! My only excuse is Christmas madness! Since the Christmas Fayre we have been very busy with all things cake and cupcakes, and like everyone else with general Christmas stuff!

I’m really looking forward to creating some fab festive dishes this Christmas. The December GoodFood magazine had some great ideas in it for the season and the Tesco Real Food magazine has some fab ideas for canapes which I’m thinking of doing for Boxing Day. One of them is mini puff pastry tarts with manchego, chorizo and peppadew peppers, they look delish & combine some of my favourite mediterranean flavours. Also tempting are the crispy pitta triangles with houmous, chillies and feta, plus Thai ginger-cured prawns with mango, fab, can’t wait!

With regards to cupcakes, I have a few orders for this week so I will multiply the amounts and hopefully have some carrot cake cupcakes and triple chocolate ones left for Xmas day! I also have a giant triple chocolate cupcake to do for a customer for Xmas day for her son’s birthday, which she is collecting on Xmas eve, so after that I have a few days off work to relax and enjoy the festivities.

If I get time I will let you know which canapes went down the best and then publish them in the new year but if in the mean time you are interested try to get a copy of the Tesco Real Food magazine (it’s free) or take a look on their website as they may have them there!

Well this is my last blog post before Xmas so all I have left to say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!


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