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Well it’s been a while since the last blog post, but in that short space of time the world, well the UK at least, seems to have gone BAKING MAD! Everywhere you turn there is baking paraphernalia, whether it be books, baking tins or just about everything you can imagine with cupcakes printed on it!

On the TV every other programme is either a reality show or a cookery show of some description or another! We are getting more and more enquiries every day about our classes and I’ve noticed that many other classes are starting to pop up too around the UK!

It is great to see that so many people are trying their hand at home baking, I for one have always been a huge fan, and since I was very small, have enjoyed producing sweet treats to hand out to family and friends! With that in mind we have been very busy working on new products and goods and promoting both them and our classes! Our last class in fact was just the other Sunday and the cakes produced were some of the best yet!

You can see how much work has gone into these little Easter cuties! I just love teaching making these small fondant figures and kids really love eating them so all of our students go home happy and the children (or grown-ups) in their families enjoy savouring their hard work!

We have a range of classes scheduled for this year which can be viewed on our new website soon but in the meantime you  can contact us via our e-mail We are based in Bebington, in the North of England and all ability ranges are catered for!

Last week we were lucky to have a nice sunny Sunday so the ladies sat out and ate lunch overlooking the fields at Claremont farm (where our classes are held).

So if you fancy joining all those people on the TV by trying out your caking skills why not join us on one of our classes and see how you fair! we always have fun and at the end of the day there is always Cake!


Well what can I say, our May cupcake decorating learning day was a huge success! The Ladies produced some real beauties and I was so impressed by their enthusiasm. The class got on really well together and at times the room was silent and filled with pure concentration & at other times laughter- which is nice!

Below is a picture of the ladies hard at work!

This was our first class of the year so we wanted to create some nice sunny designs and bright colours. One of the ladies used all pastel shades to produce her decorations and the results were beautiful!

We have already had tons of enquiries about our next courses so if you are interested in learning buttercream piping techniques and how to produce professional looking cupcakes just e-mail us, tweet us or check out our Facebook page!!

Check out our Flickr link at the side to look at more photos from our classes!

Following the success of our Cupcake Master-class last year, and after many enquiries, we now have a date for the next Cupcake decorating class which will take place on Sunday May 8th on the Wirral, near Cheshire.

‘Hearts and flowers’, our summer homage to cupcakes, will focus on the decoration element of cupcakes, enabling students to create a summery themed selection of cupcakes to take home (12 to be exact). The day will include a lovely lunch, refreshments as and when required and 2 boxes of 6 cupcakes lovingly decorated by your own fair hand.

This class will focus on buttercream piping techniques, creating hand-made roses and flowers and will also look at creating colour-schemes for events such as weddings and occasions which you keen cake-decorators may need to cater for!

For more information please e-mail us at and we will be happy to send you more details. Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis!

Thanks x

What a day (and it’s only 1.30pm), up early to take my lovely Angel (my cat, whom the business is named after) to the vets for her scale & polish and molar removal, eeek! She cried all the way and now officially hates me! I have rang the vets and she is fine & dandy but recovering from the anaesthetic at the moment, so picking her up later. Been working this morning and had some pretty hard to please clients but smiled-on through as always. Have been to cake suppliers, which always cheers me up, and treated myself to a few very unnecessary cake-decorating things, and of course black cupcake cases for halloween, yay!! So must press on- but before I go have a look at the lovely cupcake xmas bauble a pleased student from my cupcake masterclass bought me, ahhh well-chuffed!! (and a picture of my gorgeous cat for good measure) x

Held the first masterclass yesterday, which was a great success. My students went home very happy that they had learnt some new cupcake decorating techniques. Their cupcakes were absolutely beautiful. I was very impressed!

Hi All,

I’ts been such a busy week with one thing and another. But tomorrow is a new one and I’m holding my first ‘cupcake masterclass’. Basically all the skills I have learned from attending classes with other infomative folk, and all the stuff I have picked up along the way- I am passing on to those who care 🙂 I will post some photos after the day commences (if I have any energy left) and at the end of it I will hopefully have lots of sugarcrafted halloween items for the orders that I have pending towards the end of the month!

Mushroom cupcake

Woodland wonderland cupcake

This is one of the gorgeous cupcakes I made on a recent trip to London. The course was entitled ‘summer garden cupcakes’ and is run by Faircake. I hope some of my students will re-create some similar beauties tomorrow.
Stay tuned…


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