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Hi, I just thought I would tell anyone who is interested a little bit about myself. I have recently started the cupcake business but I have been baking for as long as I can remember, it is something that I really enjoy, stemming from early experiences baking with mum. Since then I have experimented with all sorts of cooking and my family are willing guinea pigs I am glad to say. I have ventured into the realms of Asian and Italian cuisine on cooking courses but more recently have been trying to hone my cake-decorating skills.

By trade I am a nail technician/make-up artist and most days I can be found working in my Wirral Salon which I have had for 10 years, acquiring some wonderful clients and having some great experiences along the way.  These days I work in the salon part-time and the rest of my time I am baking and nurturing ‘Angels Cupcakes’.

Angels is named after one of my animals. I love animals of all shapes and sizes and if I had a bigger house (and more money to keep them) I would fill it with creatures and fury friends. As it stands I have 3 cats; Angel, Skye & Sunnie, the latter 2 are rescue cats,  and a Border Terrier puppy, who can be quite a handful. I also have a 4 foot fish tank, which used to be full of other people’s unwanted goldfish but now only 2 remain (both rescue fish). They have lots of room and a lovely big tank to swim in. I also have a pond with some BIG fish, but generally they look after themselves (one of them is also a rescue). I guess I’m a bit of a soft-touch.

So, you know a little about me and my passion for baking, feel free to leave comments on my new blog and tell me some more about you! I hope you enjoy my ‘essentially cupcake blog but with some other stuff thrown in’ and thanks for reading, Kim x


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