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Camp cat & website hitch

Posted on: October 25, 2010

Just when all was going well, my web designers PC has a virus and I was hoping to go live this afternoon with the website, I hope it will be tomorrow at the latest as it is in its final stages of completion now, I just have couple of things to do like upload some photos etc and then we will be sorted (with a bit of luck).

It’s been a busy couple of days with work in the salon and with cake orders plus trying to get the website up and running, but I managed to catch up with some girlfriends for lunch yesterday which was great and I have some fab things sky-plussed which I am going to catch up on tonight. I have just got back from a jog down the beach with the dog and the fresh air has knocked us both out so may have a cheeky nap before tea!

When I was working on my laptop in the dining room the other day I moved a pink blanket my Mum gave me for the cats off the table on to my fish tank and sunnie decided to get comfy on it, a very camp look I think, couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

Sunnie 'just chilling'


2 Responses to "Camp cat & website hitch"

I absolutely LOVE this picture! How cute!

Thanks, I’m pretty sure he knows how cute he is too. He is a rescue cat and the most lovely natured, he was found looking after kittens when the RSPCA took him in, that is Sunnie all over. They don’t know what happened to the kittens Mum but he and the kitties all got re-homed. When we got our rescue kitten just after him he looked after her too, he is a real sweety! 🙂

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