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Posted on: October 16, 2010

Very Excited that the first draft of my website was sent to me last night & I am very happy! The guy who created my lovely logo has seen it this morning & also loves it, which is great because he is so good at his job. I am paying him in cupcakes for designing my logo (pics to follow later). I made a huge batch of carrot cupcakes last night & piped the white chocolate buttercream on them this morning. Also made some choc/nut cupcakes complete with choccy genache & lastly some very-lemony cupcakes, which are plain sponge drizzled with sugar-syrup whilst warm (to keep moist) and then decorated with very lemony buttercream and crunchy lemon pieces. I hope they are enjoyed by all (verdict to follow, eek!). More to do tomorrow night for Monday but I have loads of carrot ones over for Mexican night tonight. Not very mexican admittedly but they always go down very well!

Just going to take Dexter to the beach for a run now & then to Tesco’s for last few supplies for dinner party and then start cooking & preparing for tonight. The chilli-con-carne (which is very spicy & may need toning down today) was prepared last night so should have marinated nicely by later on! I’m quite excited now, I do love a good get-together which has been planned for absolutely no reason!!

Website defo up and running by next week & news about my charity bake-sale coming soon too (for children in need). Pictures of cakes to follow.


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