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Sunday…day of rest (for some)

Posted on: October 17, 2010

Well folks the Mexican night was a success, food was fab. My Mum’s chilli went down a treat as did my fresh guacamole & Dominika’ s fresh cherry tomato salsa. I forgot about the nacho’s under the grill but luckily managed to rid of the few burnt ones and sprinkle new ones and more cheese over, and nobody knew of my little burnt nacho secret 🙂 The fajita’s were also good, and the cocktails that followed (courtesy of my bro) were amazing. I am a new fan of Havana beach’s, Oh my goodness they are good!!

The carrot cakes for dessert were also a success, and the cocktails continued to flow all night whilst we watched 2 episodes of ‘an idiot abroad’ (I love Karl Pilkington) and then the X-Factor, which I also love but usually try to sky+ and watch later so I can forward through the videos of the contestants as 7-year-olds in their school plays etc, snore zzzzz! Matt or Rebecca to win by the way!

Anyways I’m not feeling too hung over today although I have woken up only being able to move my neck one-way. I hate that when I sleep funny! Today I intend to spend the day reading/researching recipes/chilling out/mastering chocolate Genache (any recommendations very, very welcome) & adding finishing touches to my website for going live this week, yay, yay & thrice yay! Have a good Sunday peeps x

P.S. My logo-designer who I did the cakes for yesterday sent me the following (edited text):

“…they (cupcakes) are gorgeous! Bloody De-lish Kim, carrot cake to die for! 🙂 Happy Scott”

So that was good news that they went down so well, it’s always good to get good feedback. No cupcakes to make today like I thought, tomorrow now is next baking-sesh for a Tuesday order!


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