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Summer, sun and flowery cupcakes!

Posted on: July 27, 2011

I am thoroughly ashamed that it has been over a month since my last blog-post, okay, okay so I always say something similar…’we’ve been really busy’, ‘up the wall’, ‘no time to turn-around’….its all true I swear!! Okay so whats been happening I hear you ask, well, now you come to mention it, we have been up the wall! Since the last blog-post which was a summary of our Secret Garden cupcake workshop we have also held a full-day intensive course; ‘Flower Power’, which concentrated on (obvious maybe) ‘Flowers’ and forming beautiful flowers for adorning cupcakes!

It was a great class and there were some beautiful creations like this one (bottom) which is a fine example of ‘less is more’

 Occasionally students have a tendency to either over-load their cupcakes with decorations or run out of cupcakes and pile all the decorations they have made on to one cupcake!  But I think this is a great example of a simple but beautifully adorned cupcake made with florist paste and a silicone mould! (which are my new best friends).  Below are some other examples made by a student who, I am sure she wouldn’t mind me describing as a ‘tom-boy’, and whom produced some of the loveliest flowers I have seen for a while. I particularly like the pink one on the right hand-side!

So a successful day all round and I have since had lots of nice feedback from those who attended to say they really enjoyed their day! I am also glad to announce that we have a new venue for our courses, which will now be held at Claremont Farm on the Wirral in their professional kitchens! check out this link to their website for upcoming events and more details of our courses!

Anyways, there is more news but I have to go, but I will share with you news of our latest event at Port Sunlight Village Fayre very soon! Thanks for reading our blog!

The Angels x


2 Responses to "Summer, sun and flowery cupcakes!"

Hey Kim, I have just found your blog (only taken me about 3 months!!) Thank you so much for the really kind comments you made about my cakes from the course. I’d like to say to anyone reading this blog and comments how brilliant Kim is at both making and teaching cupcake techniques! If anyone is thinking about going on a course and are a little unsure…GO!!! You’ll love it! Its a fantastic day out and you’ll earn soooo much! I did! So much so I’m in the process of setting up my own little cupcake making empire! I wouldn’t be able to do that without going on this fantastic course!! Gaby xx

Thanks Gaby for your kind comments! I am afraid I don’t get enough time to update my blog as much as I would like, I have been writing a new post in drafts for nearly 2 months, oops, and we have had at least 3 classes since (slapped hand). Your cakes were fab, you really should start your own empire! I am glad you enjoyed your day so much, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the Xmas workshop! xxx

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