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Christmas Food Fayre Success!

Posted on: December 9, 2010

Well I’m afraid I have been somewhat lacking on the blog-front! Us Angels have been so busy with the Wirral Christmas food fayre , and then following that: basic recovery!

The first ever food fayre based in Port Sunlight (home of Sunlight Soap and Unilever) was an amazing success, the local paper reported that there were over 9000 visitors and I know from talking to customers that they came from far and wide!

Port Sunlight is such a beautiful Village in itself and well worth a visit, I have loved the place ever since I first visited it as a child and I am lucky that we are literally up-the-road so we didn’t have far to travel. For more information about Port Sunlight Village see this link

The food fayre ran over 2 days and our preparations started days in advance ensuring sure we had all the stuff we needed plus extra for this time of year such as Christmas decorations. The majority of preparations could only start the day before because ideally baked products should be sold and eaten on the same day, although obviously this is not always possible!

So we baked all day Friday from 8am until 10pm and there were 3 of us working really hard! We went to the venue in the afternoon to take some props etc and were stunned by the size of the marquee, which was heated and had wooden flooring etc and looked really impressive. The following morning we were up really early to get to the venue to set up, before we knew it there was people pouring into venue and flocking around our stall.

We had sold out of all of our mince pies after 2 hours and most of our large classic bakes were finished before lunchtime. As things died down around 4pm we decided an Angel would have to go back to base and start baking again. Originally we thought we would have enough stock to last us for the two days but how wrong we were!

We baked until the early hours of the morning and I reckon we couldn’t have baked enough mince pies if we had baked a million, they were gone again straight away and we even had people coming back, who had bought some the previous day, asking for more. One of our Angels even dropped more mince pies off at 3pm and they were gone within 10 minutes.

In summary the food fayre was a huge success and a really great experience for us, particularly as it is only our second event! I have some pictures which were taken on both days before the public were allowed in so it looks really quiet but believe me it was not! On the Saturday night I vowed to take more photos when the stall was busy but we were a man down and I never had the opportunity to leave the stall until everyone had gone. We were left with only a few cupcakes by the end of Sunday and over the two days we gave out loads of information and details and had lots of great feedback, positive comments and we also met some great people too.

Things are just getting back to normal after such a busy weekend and we’ve had to catch up with our other every-day chores, particularly as between us we had car, washing machine, heating and frozen pipe disasters due to the weather conditions! It is all sent to try us, as they say!


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