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Cakepops and Christmas Fayre

Posted on: November 21, 2010

I really am slacking at the moment blog-wise, I decided I need to allocate a time and day to write a new post once a week & leave it at that! So Sunday morning it shall be 🙂 (unless we have an event in which case our weekly blog will be on a Monday)

The reason I have been slacking is I have just been so busy! I have been working hard at the salon and cupcake orders from clients there have been rolling in but life in general has been so hectic lately, I must confess though that I quite like it that way!

Anyways we digress, this week I thought I would try something a bit different and as everyone seems to be going cakepop mad at the moment, I thought I’d give them a go! I looked on utube to see what the basic principles were and adapted it to my own idea: Snowball Cakepops. Basically involving lots of coconut and white chocolate YUMMY!

As you can see above the cake pops turned out very well, but for anyone who is thinking of trying them I would say make sure you refrigerate the pops after you have formed the balls for at least half an hour (so the middle of the pops are cold too) before attempting to put dipped sticks into them. Otherwise the sticks will slip (as we discovered) and may come through the end of your cakepop which is not ideal.

Other news is that we are very excited to be attending the Port Sunlight 2-day Christmas food fayre at the start of December. There is a lot of planning and organisation needed for such an event so that has also been taking up our time. It looks as if it will be a fantastic fayre with loads of stalls and chef demonstrations and of course our cupcakes and cakepops! There is also going to be a fairground and live music etc so if you live in the area it is definitely worth a look! Click here for more information

Anyway that is all for now, back to the planning, no rest for the wicked you know!


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