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Hundreds and Thousands Anonymous!

Posted on: October 30, 2010

The days seem to be flying by at the moment and the nights are surely drawing in. I am very excited for tomorrows Children In Need bake-sale. I am happily preparing sugar craft witches and pumpkins and ghosts ready to adorn lovely cupcakes. the oven is on and the 100th cupcake is baking!

It is hard to judge how many people will turn up to a craft fair or bake sale so I am hoping we will get it right and won’t be left with too many cupcakes and cakes on our hands. I will also be hoping the rain stays off because this always keeps people in doors, AND WE HAVE CAKES TO SELL!!

I went to a local bargain centre yesterday to get some bits and bobs and I was chuffed they had a display of cake decorating goodies so I replenished my stocks, not that they needed it- I clearly have a hundreds & thousands addiction and may soon have to attend HA.T.A.  – a group for cake decorating junkies 🙂 I also picked up some nice shape cutters from TK Maxx which is great for that kind of thing because they all come over from America. We are mere novices in this country when it comes to cupcake making and the U.S clearly have some amazing stuff.

Bits and Bobs for cupcake heaven!

I also bought Dexter a new toy which we have named ‘spiky’, it is basically a spiky kind of rubber shape which cost £1 from the bargain store and is possibly THE best present he has ever received. So a good day all round, must be off have to make some black star shapes!! Adios amigos!

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