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Cupcake Masterclass

Posted on: October 10, 2010

Hi All,

I’ts been such a busy week with one thing and another. But tomorrow is a new one and I’m holding my first ‘cupcake masterclass’. Basically all the skills I have learned from attending classes with other infomative folk, and all the stuff I have picked up along the way- I am passing on to those who care 🙂 I will post some photos after the day commences (if I have any energy left) and at the end of it I will hopefully have lots of sugarcrafted halloween items for the orders that I have pending towards the end of the month!

Mushroom cupcake

Woodland wonderland cupcake

This is one of the gorgeous cupcakes I made on a recent trip to London. The course was entitled ‘summer garden cupcakes’ and is run by Faircake. I hope some of my students will re-create some similar beauties tomorrow.
Stay tuned…

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